Career Coaching

        “Career choice is less about choosing a career and letting it unfold and more about being the architect of your future." 

                                                                              (Hirsh, Jackson and Jarvis 2005)

Symmetry offers several customized career coaching options:

Gold in Dark Places is an in-depth intensive career renewal process for leaders.

Career Directions is for individuals wanting to better manage their careers inside their current organizations.

Career Transition is for individuals who have voluntarily or involuntarily left their jobs.


Career Coaching Highlights

  • As the Director and Senior Consultant at Mainstream Access Edmonton (for nearly 10 years), provided leadership in the planning and delivery of Career Transition Services for separating employees of numerous corporations throughout western Canada during corporate restructuring initiatives. Also designed and facilitated supportive workshops for management and employees around  "Managing the Human Side of Change".
  • Delivered individual career coaching services and facilitated Career Planning workshops for former employees of restructured organizations. 
  • Provided coaching to a “burned out” Healthcare Executive who had resigned from his position for health reasons. Weekly coaching was provided for a 3-month period, which resulted in significant improvement in his personal well-being and ability to manage stress, as well as the establishment of a new position back into Healthcare, his preferred field. 
  • The well educated wife of a successful Executive, who supported her husband through many career advancements,involving numerous relocations, wanted to renew her own career. After being coached for a period of 6 months, she was able to clarify her personal values, skills and career objectives, and subsequently chose to pursue work in a spiritually based organization.
  • Provided Career Management Service for Tombs Inc.since 2008. Serve corporate employees who have involuntarily left their organizations through 1:1 support at the time of employment termination and career coaching during the period of transition.
  • Held leadership responsibility and managed 8 Career Coaches for a project spanning several years with a large Oil & Gas Company. Coordinated and provided individual coaching and facilitation of workshops for hundreds of employees around managing their careers inside their  organization.