Unretirement - Lifestyle Planning for Mid-life and Beyond

Employee Group Workshop


Boomers represent about 45% of Canada’s labour force, roughly half of them aged 50 and above. The fastest growing age groups are 55-64 year olds and 65 plus. The most critical shortage of skills will be in leadership, management and highly specialized areas. 

In addition to training younger people for succession planning, a growing corporate response is to encourage valued mature workers to stay on board. To work effectively, this may require both flexibility and creativity in both the employer and the employee.

eople are living longer and more healthfully than ever before. Many Canadians will easily make it to 90 or 100 years old! Over the coming decades those people born between 1946 and 1965 will dominate and transform society, as they have at each stage of their lives. Boomers are reshaping the ways we view aging - from clothing styles to lifestyles, breaking down the negative stereotypes and ageist attitudes that have predominated. 


Content will include:

  • Dispelling the Myths of Aging
  • Making Successful Transitions
  • Exploring Lifestyle Options
  • Work – To Be or Not to Be?
  • Health Promotion at Every Age
  • Fulfilling Relationships
  • De-Cluttering, Housing Options and Relocation
  • Envisioning a Preferred Future

The workshop process will include time for personal assessment and reflection, work with one’s partner, small and large group discussions, written exercises and dynamic interaction in a lively forum.

Unretirement, Lifestyle Planning for Midlife and Beyond is also available in coaching format for private individuals and couples.

Unretirement Highlights

  • Researched and created Unretirement program.
  • As a consultant with Toombs Inc. Lynn facilitated Lifestyle Planning workshops and provided 1:1 coaching for transition clients, in addition to writing a coaching guide for colleagues.
  • Lynn and her team researched, designed and delivered a group Retirement Lifestyle Planning program for Mainstream Access Corp. and facilitated the program for employees and their spouses from various restructuring organizations throughout western Canada. 
  • As a consultant with A.W. Fraser & Associates, Lynn designed and delivered the “Health and Well Being” component of a Retirement Lifestyle Planning program for a large Alberta based Utility company. As part of her design she initiated a “Wellness” approach, replacing a “Medical Model" and the physician who presented it. 
  • Earlier Lynn collaborated with Retirement/Life Challenge Ltd. in co-designing a Retirement Lifestyle Planning workshop and manual geared specifically to women.